Every Software Manager Should Read This

David Curry talks about The Mythical Man-Month. The Mythical Man-Month is a classic software management book that discusses the challenges with creating and managing software projects.

Importance of Technical Advisory for Small Business

In this video, David Curry from Ventice talks with Brent Simpson about the importance of technical advisory for small business.  Brent Simpson is an Entrepreneur who helps new business owners structure and grow their business for success.

Ventice Partners with HillCyber

New Partnership Announcement: We are excited to announce a new partnership with Hillcyber.  With an advanced platform for countering cyber threats, HillCyber helps companies of all sizes protect their assets. HillCyber’s advanced cybersecurity solutions leverage technology powering some of the most secure networks in the world, from inside the U.S. Defense Department to […]

Protecting Against Cyber Threats

We helped HillCyber implement a network logging and analytics platform to help their clients combat cyber security threats.   Client HillCyber   Industry Technology   Services Business Intelligence Data Application Technical Advisory Challenges Cyber threat awareness Slow response to cyber threats Solutions Application Development – Strategy, roadmap, design, and implementation […]

Software Architecture with Simon Brown [Podcast]

Software architecture addresses the challenge of communicating and navigating large, complex systems to stakeholders, both technical and non-technical.  Over the years software architecture has gone in and out of fashion.  Today we discuss why software architecture is important, what it means to have software architecture, and how to properly structure […]

Employing People Across Africa

We helped Africa Talent Management create a platform that matches job seekers to career opportunities across Africa.   Client Africa Talent Management   Industry HR, Talent Acquisition   Services Business Intelligence Web Application Mobile App Technical Advisory Challenges Connecting candidates to job opportunities Finding qualified candidates for international companies Solutions […]

How to Analyze Data from Different Databases

It can be challenging to make use of data if you have multiple databases across your business. Suppose you have a customer database, purchase history database such as a point-of-sale system, and customer rewards database. In order to answer questions that require data from each database, you will likely have to […]

Is Your Data Safe in the Cloud?

The short answer – Yes. Your data is arguably safer in the cloud than a personal data center. Unlike an isolated data center, the cloud benefits from economy of scale. Some of the larger cloud providers have upwards to 1M customers, representing a spectrum of industries and system configurations. All […]